First - if you're new here - then hey! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Emily, or "Em" as most of my family calls me. The brain, eye, hand behind all of the florals, knots, stitches, ceramics + prints you see. I founded Herbert Eudora in 2016 after graduating + working as a freelance Graphic Designer for several years here in Rochester, NY.


I have a special love for all art + design, but am heavily inspired by abstractionism, Bohemianism, minimalism + Scandinavian design. That blend of loose, casual, clean, textural, neutral is reflected in my art, my styling, my life. I'm a very visual, detail-oriented person - so I spend a lot of time imagining the pieces I make for specific spaces. 

All goods are carefully handcrafted in my very small, but very functional home studio, where I listen to *probably* an unhealthy amount of Fleetwood Mac + love on my Louie pup all day. When I'm not making something, I'm decluttering something or taking photos outside or organizing a drawer...or my spotify playlists + pinterest boards.

So glad you're here,