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meet emily

emily christy (she/her) is the founder of HERBERT EUDORA, a one-woman-owned brand of handcrafted modern home decor, specializing in all things woven. emily is a fiber artist, designer, dog mommy + lover of soft 70s. she founded HERBERT EUDORA after graduating + working as a freelance graphic designer for several years here in rochester, new york. shortly after is when she started dreaming up these wall hangings.


HERBERT EUDORA is based in rochester — right out of emily's bitty home studio.


emily's style is a blend of casual, neutral + textural design, reflected in not only her art, but in styling + life as well. through experimenting + practicing, it's allowed her to hone in on the things that inspire her most : abstractionism, bohemianism, minimalism + scandinavian design. emily draws inspiration from natural texture, light + shadow play + from interior spaces — how people make their homes cozy + comfortable, while elevated + fresh.


she believes in investment pieces that will make you feel for all the years to come. pieces that will last + bring joy through shifts of seasons, no matter which one you're in.


a bit about

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the fun things

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