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meet emily

our homes should be filled with aesthetically pleasing, tactile pieces that will last and bring joy through shifts in seasons and make you feel for all the years to come.


emily christy (she/her) is the designer, fiber artist and founder of HERBERT EUDORA. based in rochester, new york — right out of her home studio — emily began macrame as a hobby in 2018, while working as a freelance graphic designer for several years. shortly after is when she started dreaming up these woven wall hangings.

with backgrounds in painting and fine art, tapestry weaving was a natural transition of allowing hand and heart to connect. today, emily draws from the sculptural and architectural details in interior spaces — and of course details outside. from crunchy leaves to billowy waves to tiny stones.

herbert eudora 

a carefully curated, sustainable one-woman-owned brand of handcrafted modern home decor, specializing in all things woven  pulling from casual, neutral, textural design elements.


HERBERT EUDORA is a home decor brand, specializing in woven wall art. with a blend of casual, neutral and textural elements, HERBERT EUDORA pulls inspiration from abstractionism, bohemianism, minimalism and scandinavian design. coming home to a cozy, comfortable and calm space is something we all deserve — and it starts with feeling connected to our "stuff." the art we place on our walls should make us feel for all the years to come and last through shifts in seasons — no matter which one we're in.

the natural fibers, themselves, are enough to pull you in. HERBERT EUDORA uses carefully curated materials, sourced by small suppliers who value their work as environmentally-friendly and ethically-made.

Paper Texture

step in the studio

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